El creyente

Henry Bean (story by Henry Bean & Mark Jacobson) 2001

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0247199/

El líder de un grupo neo-nazi comete crímenes de tipo antisemita y oculta sus propias raíces como descendiente judío.

                      THE BELIEVER


                       Henry Bean

                        Story by

               Henry Bean & Mark Jacobson

Final Shooting Script


                    RAV ZINGESSER
          "And God said to Abraham, 'Take your
          son, your only son, whom you love,
          Isaac, and go into the land of Moriah
          and offer him there for a sacrifice
          upon a mountain that I will show you..."


A run-down place. A dozen 12-year-old BOYS sit at old-
fashioned desks. These are not Hasidim, but Orthodox Jews:
normal American kids in yarmulkes. The teacher, RAV
ZINGESSER is young, overweight, acnescarred, good-humored.

                    RAV ZINGESSER
          And why did the Holy One -- blessed
          be He -- do this? Why did he ask
          Abraham to sacrifice his only son,
          whom he loved?

Two boys off to one side: AVI (a smart, tough, brownnose)
and DANNY (the eternal dissident) argue under their breath....

                    12-YEAR-OLD DANNY
          Isaac wasn't his only son. Ishmael
          was his son, too.

                    12-YEAR-OLD AVI
          The only son he loved.

                    12-YEAR-OLD DANNY
          Oh, they only kill them when they
          love them...?