12 Monos

David Webb Peoples & Janet Peoples 1995

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114746/

Un presidiario del futuro es enviado a principios del siglo XXI para que investigue el origen de una plaga que diezmará el género humano.

		          An original screenplay by

				David Peoples
				Janet Peoples

				 Inspired by
			LA JETEE, a Chris Marker Film

	Production Draft
	June 27, 1994



	CLOSE ON A FACE.  A nine year old boy, YOUNG COLE, his eyes wide
	with wonder. watching something intently.  We HEAR the sounds of
	the P.A. SYSTEM droning Flight Information mingled with the
	sounds of urgent SHOUTS, running FEET, EXCLAMATIONS.

	YOUNG COLE'S POV:  twenty yards away, a BLONDE MAN is sprawled on
	the floor, blood oozing from his gaudy Hawaiian shirt.

	A BRUNETTE in a tight dress, her face obscured from YOUNG COLE'S
	view, rushes to the injured man, kneels beside him, ministering
	to his wound.

	ANGLE ON YOUNG COLE, flanked by his PARENTS, their faces out of
	view, as they steer him away.

				FATHER'S VOICE (o.s.)
		Come on, Son --this is no place for us.

	YOUNG COLE resists momentarily, mesmerized by the drama.

	YOUNG COLE'S POV:  intermittently visible through a confusion of
	FIGURES rushing through the foreground, the BLONDE MAN reaching
	up and touching the cheek of the kneeling BRUNETTE in a gesture
	of enormous tenderness, a gesture of farewell, while the P.A.
	SYSTEM continues its monotonous monotone...

		Flight 784 for San Francisco is now
		ready for boarding at inmate number
		66578, Greely.