El juego

John Brancato & Michael Ferris revised by Larry Gross & Andrew Kevin Walker 1997

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0119174/

Un banquero de San Francisco, experimenta un violento viaje cuando se involucra en una rara forma de entretenimiento.

                             The Game


                   John Brancato & Michael Ferris


                            Larry Gross


                        Andrew Kevin Walker


     HOME MOVIES from the 60's, SILENT and grainy:


     A stately mansion.  A perfect lawn.  A BUTLER carries a
     birthday cake with sparking sparklers...

     Past wealthy MEN in crewcuts and thin ties, WOMEN in cat-eye
     sunglasses.  Everyone sings (silent) "Happy Birthday"...

     CHILDREN follow the cake, in dresses and suits, gathering
     round NICHOLAS VAN ORTON, 7, guest of honor, who wears a
     blindfold.  MOTHER comes to remove the blindfold and
     Nicholas ogles the cake, laughs.  He reaches for a sparkler.
     STEP PRINT: Mother intercepts, fussing, fixing his hair...

     Nicholas' FATHER sits near, smoking, nodding.  He's intense,
     thin, wearing a party hat.  He notcies the camera without
     mugging for it, bends to snuff his cigarette in an ashtray.

     SPLICE-JUMP TO/STEP PRINT: a Harlequin CLOWN ties balloon
     animals.  Nicholas assists, distracted by the inattentive
     children who look into the camera and pull hair and stand on
     their chairs...

     Men are drinki