Juegos Sexuales

Roger Kumble 1999


Dos jóvenes adinerados pero maliciosos, apuestan sobre la seducción y el arrebato de la virginidad de dos de sus compañeras.

                           CRUEL INVENTIONS

                           by Roger Kumble

             based on the novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses

                        by Choderlos De Laclos

                                                 February 10, 1998

1    EXT. MANHATTAN SKYLINE - DAY                               1

     We circle around the island of Manhattan moving closer and
     closer till we're looking down on Fifth Avenue. As the
     melody continues to play we MOVE towards a building and ZOOM
     into a window.

2    INT. THERAPIST'S OFFICE - DAY                              2

     A fifty-year old female therapist (DR. GREENBAUM) sits at
     her desk, frowning as she takes notes. Books of Jung and
     Freud line the shelves.

     A young man (SEBASTIAN VALMONT) sits in a chair in front
     of her looking impatient.

     The therapist continues to write notes.

                              DR. GREENBAUM
               Jesus. We've been at this for six

               I know.

                              DR. GREENBAUM
               And you haven't made an ounce of

               I know.

     Sebastian takes out a cigarette.

                              DR. GREENBAUM
                    (not looking up)
               There's no smoking in my of