Erin Brockovich

Susannah Grant 2000


Una madre soltera investiga el papel de una compañía eléctrica en los misteriosos problemas de salud de una comunidad.

                          ERIN BROCKOVICH
                           A True Story


                          Susannah Grant

                                                  February 1, 1998


     Palms sway ... the sun washes everything in yellow ... cars
     motor down either side of the landscaped median ... the calls
     of mockingbirds mingle with the BLIP BLIP of car alarms.

     ON THE SIDEWALK, a SKATEBOARD CA-LUNKS down the sidewalk,
     past the foot traffic of Southern Californians: flip-flops,
     Doc Marten's, Rollerblades, Nikes ... then, in the middle of
     this pedestrian normalcy, a pair of IMPOSSIBLY HIGH SPIKE-
     HEELED PUMPS struts out of a shop.  So high it hurts to look
     at them.  As the shoes leave frame, we TILT UP and see
     they're leaving a 99-cent store.

     As the Pumps turn and head up the street, we see they are
     connected to a pair of IMPOSSIBLY LONG, SHAPELY LEGS.
     Eveready legs -- they just keep going and going.

     They saunter past two BUSINESSMEN on a lunch break.  The men
     pause and glance as men tend to when they see a beautiful
     woman.  In fact, everyone this woman passes lets their eyes
     rest on her a microsecond longer than usual.

     - Two SKATEBOARDERS note the STRETCHY MICRO-MINI skimming the
     tops of her thighs.

     - A MAILMAN spo