La celda

Mark Protosevich 2000


Una terapeuta presencia visiones espantosas cuando penetra en la mente de un asesino en serie que está en coma con la intención de descubrir sus motivaciones.



	Grains of sand dance in the wind.  As we glide over a VAST
	DESERT, the speck of dust becomes a HORSE AND RIDER. 
	CATHERINE YOUNG straddles the beautiful black animal, her
	mesmerizing eyes scanning the horizon.  A curious breeze
	blows across her exquisite face and she drinks it in, as if
	the wind itself were telling something to her...

	Catherine sees a FLICKERING LIGHT in the sand.  She pulls the
	reins and the horse stops moments before the dune drops into
	nothingness.  She dismounts, affectionately scratches the
	horse's neck, and follows the LIGHT.  When she looks over her
	shoulder, the Arabian is now a child's WOODEN HOBBY HORSE. 
	Not surprised, Catherine smiles and walks down a dune, sand
	sliding beneath her feet...

	She finds herself in a valley of dead trees whose decayed,
	gnarled limbs appear to form hands.  The light dances across
	her face.  She shades her eyes and pinpoints the source...

	A SMALL MIRROR reflecting rays of bright sun, housed within a
	locket and chain.  It's held by EDWARD, a haunted-looking boy
	of seven with a precocious grin and piercing eyes.  He sits
	on a fallen tree trunk, patiently waiting for her arrival.

		Thanks for the horse.

	He's a shy child, yet comfortable with Catherine.

		You liked him?

		He's beautiful...

	Edward smiles, delighted he made her happy.

		But I thought we were going s