Renegados americanos

Roderick Taylor and John Rogers 2001


Los hermanos James, Jesse y Frank, forman una banda cuando unos ambiciosos ferrocarrileros amenazan su granja.

               FADE IN:

               EXT. WOODS

               The Rangers plunge into thick woods. Branches slap at them,
               but the sound of gunfire keeps them going. Captain Malcolm
               is still in the lead, flanked by two young men who are
               obviously brothers. The big, handsome one is COLE YOUNGER;
               the skinny one with the lopsided hair is BOB YOUNGER.

               EXT. WOOD'S EDGE

               They break through the other side of the woods, emerging
               behind a rickety set of fence-post fortifications. Instantly
               GUNFIRE tears apart the trees around them. The Captain's
               horse goes down, and the Younger brothers dive and roll to
               hide beneath the palisade.

               The Captain, still alive, has fallen beyond the wooden
               shield. Cole scrambles through the savage rifle fire, grabs
               Captain Malcolm, and hauls him behind the fortification.

                                     CAPTAIN MALCOLM
                         Fall back into the woods! Out of
                         your saddles before you're shot out
                         of 'em!

               The Rangers leap from their saddles as a new sound starts
               -- a dull roar that grows and approaches and BBRRRRAPPPPP
               as, unbelievably, trees EXPLODE INTO SPLINTERS and h