El avión del presidente

Andrew W. Marlowe 1997

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118571/

De regreso de un viaje oficial a bordo del Air Force One, el presidente de los Estados Unidos enfrenta a los terroristas rusos que se han apoderado de su avión y han tomado como rehenes a los miembros de la tripulación.

                                      Air Force One

                                      Andrew Marlow 

               FADE IN:

               INT. C-130 HERCULES TURBO-PROP - NIGHT

               Eighteen combat-ready special forces, wearing assault black, 
               jump packs and combat gear, stare down the deep end of a 
               greasy ramp into the night sky.  Village lights flicker 19,000 
               feet below.

               The STRIKE FORCE LEADER signals to his team.

               Without a moment's hesitation, they dive into the darkness 
               and plummet toward earth.

               EXT. MANSION - NIGHT

               A military GUARD, old Soviet-style uniform, rounds the corner 
               of the large estate toting an AK-47.

               A red laser dot appears briefly on his forehead and, after a 
               beat, the red dot seems to bleed.  The Guard collapses dead.  
               Two other GUARDS are dispatched with single, silenced shots.

               A Strike Team member at a junction box awaits a signal.

               Through infra-red binoculars the strike Force Leader watches 
               his assault troops as they take positions.

                                     STRIKE FORCE LEADER
                              (into headset/in 

               On the estate - as the power goes out.  The