Blade Runner

Hampton Fancher 1982


En un futuro sombrío y lluvioso, un expolicía vuelve al servicio para buscar y destruir a un grupo de androides que fingen ser humanos para, integrados en la sociedad, encontrar a su creador y matarlo.

                                BLADE RUNNER

                               Screenplay by

                              HAMPTON FANCHER

        July 24, 1980                    Brighton Productions Inc.
                                         1420 No. Beachwood Drive
                                         Hollywood, Calif. 90028



        THE EYE                                                 2

        It's magnified and deeply revealed.  Flecks of green
        and yellow in a field of milky blue.  Icy filaments
        surround the undulating center.

        The eye is brown in a tiny screen.  On the metallic
        surface below, the words VOIGHT-KAMPFF are finely
        etched.  There's a touch-light panel across the top
        and on the side of the screen, a dial that registers
        fluctuations of the iris.

        The instrument is no bigger than a music box and sits
        on a table between two men.  The man talking is big,
        looks like an over-stuffed kid.  "LEON" it says on
        his breast pocket.  He's dressed in a warehouseman's
        uniform and his pudgy hands are folded expectantly in
        his lap.  Despite the obvious heat, he looks very cool.

        The man facing him is lean, hollow cheeked and dressed
        in gray.  D