La Trampa

Ronald Bass (story by Ronald Bass and Michael Herzberg) 1999


El veterano ladrón Robert 'Mac' MacDougal va a caer en la trampa ideada por una joven investigadora, Gim Baker, que desea preparar el golpe más espectacular de toda la historia. La ocasión elegida será el cambio de milenio, y el lugar, Kuala Lumpur.


                                                   Ronald Bass
                                                   First Draft Screenplay
                                                   December 2, 1996

                                                   Story by:
                                                   Ronald Bass
                                                   and Michael Herzberg


     Lake Shore Drive.  Four o'clock in the morning.  Minimal traffic,
     minimal life.  As MAIN TITLES BEGIN, we PAN UP the face of...

     ...Hancock Tower.  Up, up, forty floors, sixty, eighty, very dark
     up here, street sounds fading fast, and as CREDITS CONTINUE we can
     just make out...

     ...a dark FIGURE.  Like a spider.  Inching its way up the steel
     surface of the 98th floor, and we CLOSE to see...

     The THIEF.  All in black, nearly invisible, with a sleek visored
     helmet that conceals the face.  Two long, oblong backpacks, climb-
     ing ropes and harness across back and shoulders, tools at the belt.
     Moving STRAIGHT UP the face of the skyscraper.  How is it possible?
     CLOSER still to see...

     ...the piton-like BOLTS are electromagnetic, CLANKING to the steel
     to support weight.  A button releases the magnetic charge when the
     bolt is pulled up by cords to a higher positi