Glengarry Glen Ross: Éxito a cualquier precio

David Mamet 1992


Un grupo de maliciosos vendedores de inmuebles lucha por sobrevivir y por conseguir buenas ventas en esta adaptación de la obra de David Mamet.



                         David Mamet


A booth at a Chinese restaurant, Williamson and Levene are
seated at the booth.

            John...John...John.  Okay.  John.
            John.  Look:
            The Glengarry Highland's leads,
            you're sending Roma out.  Fine.
            He's a good man.  We know what he
            is.  He's fine.  All I'm saying,
            you look at the board, he's
            throwing...wait, wait, wait, he's
            throwing them away, he's throwing
            the leads away.  All that I'm
            saying, that you're wasting leads.
            I don't want to tell you your job.
            All that I'm saying, things get
            set, I know they do, you get a
            certain mindset... A guy gets a
            reputation.  We know how this...all
            I'm saying, put a closer on the job.
            There's more than one man for the...
            Put a...wait a second, put a proven
            man out...and you watch, now wait a
            second--and you watch your dollar
            volumes...You start closing them
            for fifty 'stead of twenty-
   put a closer on the...

            Shelly, you blew the last...

            No.  John.  No.