Beavis and Butt-head Do America

Mike Judge and Joe Stillman 1996


The dim-witted teen duo of Beavis and Butt-Head travel across America in search of their stolen television set.

	Mike Judge and Joe Stillman
		The movie begins with scenes of people screaming in horror 
	and running down the streets of a big city. The ground shakes from 
	what seems like giant footsteps. There are pieces of building 
	debris falling everywhere, people getting crushed, power lines 
	coming down, etc. - complete pandemonium. It all looks very much 
	like a Japanese animated King-Kong or Godzilla movie. We hear the 
	footsteps getting closer and the ground shaking becomes more 
	intense - more debris falling. Then we see a HUGE BLACK TENNIS 
	SHOE come into frame and smash a National Guard truck. As we pan 
	up, we see the white socks, then the red shorts, the AC/DC T-
	shirt, then we hear the familiar, "Huh huh huh." - only it's a 
	huge sound...this is a THREE-HUNDRED FOOT TALL BUTT-HEAD. "Butt-
	Kong" continues his path of destruction - stomping on cars and 
	buildings and saying, "This is cool. Huh huh huh."
		Airplanes and tanks start firing at Butt-Head (Butt-Kong). 
	He looks irritated and says, "Cut it out butt-munch!" Butt-Head 
	swats at the planes, sending them crashing to the ground and 
	stomps on the tanks. Then, something catches his eye. Butt-Head 
	reaches into a skyscraper and picks up a nice looking woman - a 
	lot like the one from the King Kong movie. He looks down at her in 
	his hand and goes wide-eyed, "Whoa! Huh huh huh." The woman