Ed Wood

Rudolph Grey, Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski 1994

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0109707/

Edward D. Wood Jr. dirigió horribles películas de culto en los años cincuenta como "Glen or Glenda" y "Plan 9 From Outer Space".

                             ED WOOD

               by Scott Alexander & Larry Karaszewski

                      Directed by Tim Burton

                                                     FIRST DRAFT

                                                     November 20, 1992

     FADE IN:


     We move through a spooky shrouded parlor, as a storm rages
     outside.  THUNDER roars, and lightning flashes in the giant
     windows.  in the center of the room lies an oak coffin.

     Suddenly the lid starts to creak open. A hand crawls past
     the edge... and then the lid slams up!  Famed psychic CRISWELL
     pops out.  Criswell, 40, peers at us intently, his gleaming
     eyes framed under his striking pale blonde hair.  He intones,
     with absolute conviction:

               Greetings, my friend.  You are
               interested in the unknown, the
               mysterious, the unexplainable...
               that is why you are here. So now,
               for the first time, we are bringing
               you the full story of what
                       (extremely serious)
               We are giving you all the evidence,
               based only on the secret testimony
               of the miserable souls who survived
               this terrifying ordeal.  The