El paciente inglés

Anthony Minghella 1996

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0116209/

Historia ganadora de varios premios Oscar, sobre un sobreviviente en un accidente aéreo y su trágico romance.

                                 THE ENGLISH PATIENT


                                  Anthony Minghella

                                 Based on the novel

                                 by Michael Ondaatje

               Revised Draft (*)
               August 1995
               Copyright (c) 1995 The Saul Zaentz Company

               EXT.    LATE 1942.    THE SAHARA DESERT.    DAY.

               SILENCE.  THE DESERT seen from the air.  An ocean of dunes 
               for mile after mile.  The late sun turns the sand every color
               from crimson to black.

               An old AEROPLANE is flying over the Sahara.  Its shadow swims
               over the contours of sand.

               A woman's voice begins to sing unaccompanied on the track. 
               Szerelem, szerelem, she cries, in a haunting lament for her
               loved one.

               INSIDE the aeroplane are two figures.  One,  A WOMAN, seems
               to be asleep.  Her pale head rests against the side of the
               cockpit.  THE PILOT, a man, wears goggles and a leather
               helmet.  He is singing, too, but we can't hear him or the
               plane or anything save the singer's plaintive voice.

               The plane shudders over a ridge.  Beneath it A SUDDEN CLUSTER