Instinto básico

Joe Eszterhas 1992


Una escritora erótica seduce a un detective de San Francisco, quien cree que ella podría ser una asesina.



                                  JOE ESZTERHAS


          INT. A BEDROOM - NIGHT

          It is dark; we don't see clearly.  a man and woman make love 
          on a brass bed.  There are mirrors on the walls and ceiling.  
          On a side table, atop a small mirror, lines of cocaine.  A 
          tape deck PLAYS the Stones "Sympathy for the Devil."

          Atop him... she straddles his chest... her breasts in his face.  
          He cups her breasts.  She leans down, kisses him...

          JOHNNY BOZ is in his late 40's, slim, good-looking.  We don't 
          see the woman's face.  She has long blonde hair.  The CAMERA 
          STAYS BEHIND and to the side of them.

          She leans close over his face, her tongue in his mouth...  she 
          kisses him... she moves her hands up, holds both of his arms 
          above his head.

          She moves higher atop him... she reaches to the side of the 
          bed... a white silk scarf is in her hand... her hips above his 
          face now, moving... slightly, oh-so slightly... his face strains 
          towards her.

          The scarf in her hand... she ties his hands with it...  
          gently... to the brass bed... his eyes are closed...  tighter... 
          lowering hips into his face... lower... over his chest... his 
          navel.  The SONG plays.

          He is inside her.