Desafío al tiempo

Toby Emmerich 2000


Un hombre puede cambiar el pasado cuando milagrosamente se comunica con su difunto padre a través de un radiotransmisor.

The Child is the Father of the Man.

                              - William Wordsworth

            ...the theory of black holes was developed before there was
            any indication from observations that they actually existed.
            I do not know of any other example in science where such a
            great extrapolation was successfully made solely on the basis
            of thought.  It shows the remarkable power and depth of
            Einstein's theory.  There is still much we don't know, such
            as what happens to objects and information that fall into a
            black hole.  Do the reemerge elsewhere in the Universe, or in
            another universe?  And can we warp space and time so much
            that one can travel back in time?  Maybe someone will come
            back from the future and tell us.

                              - Stephen Hawking

            FADE IN:

            The legend reads: OCTOBER 10th

            EXT. MANHATTAN BRIDGE - PREDAWN - 1969

            Darkness.  Headlights bounce off thick sheets of RAIN.  6,500
            gallon Esso OIL TRUCK barrels over wet studded pavement,
            heading towards Manhattan.  It's going fast.  Too fast.

            Up the BASE OF THE BRIDGE:

            A large reflective sign - lit up by arc lights: MEN AT WORK.

            There are TWO WORK CREWS, several hundred feet apart.

            THE FIRST CREW is CON ED.  A c