El libro de las sombras: Blair Witch 2

Dick Beebe (original story by Joe Berlinger & Dick Beebe) 2000

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0229260/

Un empresario organiza un recorrido nocturno por el lugar donde ocurrió el tristemente célebre proyecto de "La bruja de Blair". Varios estudiantes universitarios participan, sin saber que se cierne sobre ellos la noche más larga de sus vidas.

                         BLAIR WITCH II


                           Dick Beebe

                        Original Story By

                    Joe Berlinger & Dick Beebe

                                        FIRST DRAFT (Revised)

                                        January 10, 2000


     And in that darkness, white words silently FADE UP:

               The following is based on actual events. Some
               dramatic re-creation was necessary for reasons
               that will become obvious.

     Beat. And then slowly swelling up is the sound of panicked
     hyperventilation--spasms of words and weeping:

                              VOICE (HEATHER DONAHUE)
                    I'm...scared...to close my eyes--


     the teary and terrified EYES of HEATHER DONAHUE (the now ubiquitous
     scene from "Blair Witch Project" of her confessing to the camera):

                              HEATHER DONAHUE
                    --I'm scared to open them.
                    We're going to die out here--

     --then, suddenly, this image of Heather FREEZE FRAMES. And we hear
     the incongruously perky Voice of ABC's DEBORAH ROBERTS:

                              DEBORAH ROBERTS (V.O.)
                    --she'd be a much happier camper
                    if she