Ciudad en tinieblas

Alex Proyas 1992


John Murdoch se despierta en un extraño hotel y comprueba que ha perdido la memoria y que es acusado de sádicos asesinatos. Mientras investiga todo lo que ha ocurrido, descubre un submundo habitado por unos seres, "los ocultos".

                              DARK CITY

                             Alex Proyas

                            REVISED DRAFT
                         November 29th, 1992


     A LOW RUMBLE increases in volume.

     FADE UP:

     A BLACK-GLOVED HAND wraps around a bulky electrical lever,
     thrusts FORWARD.

     SNAP!  -  Electricity arcs through darkness.

     O.S. sound of MACHINERY turning ON.


     MONTAGE OF CLOCKS starting  -  various.  Second hands turn  -
     TICKING gets louder.


     SHADOWS DANCE.  A bare bulb swings from the ceiling revealing:
     clothes on a chair, puddles of water on the floor...

     SLEEPING EYES in and out of darkness.  The eyes open.

     WIDEN ANGLE ON JONATHAN WHITE  -  a man in his early thirties,
     dark featured.

     He sits up.  Water splashes.  He's in a tub of long cold water.
     His neck aches like he's been sleeping forever.

     He looks down into the murky water around him.  A feint
     movement beneath the surface, something swimming  -  A SMALL
     DARK SHAPE.  Startled, he leaps from the bath.

     ANGLE  -  THE SWINGING LIGHT BULB.  The man's hand reaches up,
     stops the light-bulb mid swing.

     He steps to a circular window.  The glass is cracked, covered
     in grime.  He wipes it, this only